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For registration / information please make appointment with Mrs Potocki :
(T) +65 6805 0013, (E)

Registration is subject to compliance with:

- the school's regulation,
- the financial regulation,
- Woodlands Transport  regulation

You will find here :

LFS Tour
General admission requirements
Schedule of admission commitee meeting
Anglais + / Section Internationale
Cancellation or registration file
School insurance
Departure procedure



We organize individual tour of the LFS,the maximal duration is of 1 hour. We host school tours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
For all inquiry please send us an email with your availability at this address:


If the student comes from a French public school or from a private education system under a contract of association, or from a French system in the A.E.F.E (Agency of French education in foreign countries), please refer to the next paragraph (documents needed).

For a student above 7 coming from an educational system other than those approved by the French Ministry of National Education, or from a foreign educational system, the student has to take an (re)admission exam. Please contact the LFS with regards to the type of exam.

N.B: If the student comes from a French private educational system, the family has to provide an attendance certificate from the school, indicating that the school is "under a contract of association with the state".

Student with Singaporean nationality: the school has to ask for the approval of the Ministry of Education (MOE) before confirming the student's registration. This applies even for a student holding dual nationality. In this case, please contact the school as early as possible.


The admissions are confirmed by the Principal of the school and the official response is conveyed to the parents by the Admissions Department, after each admission committee meeting.

Academic year 2016-2017 - Intakes trough out the school year:

Admission Committee for January 2017: 10th of November (application dead line 27/10/16):
The applications received after the committee are inserted in our lists, based on the date of application.

The families will be notified by email, from the 10th of November onward.

Admission Committee for March and April 2017: 27th of January 2017 (application dead line 10/01/2017):
The applications received after the committee are inserted in our lists, based on the date of application.
The families will be notified by email, from the 27th of January onward.

For other entry dates, the applications are considered one by one by the Principal of the school


September 2017 intakes:

- Preliminary committee 31st March 2017 (application dead line 14/03/2017):
The committee confirms applications depending on the number of seats available. Please note that at that time of the school year, only very few departures are confirmed.
The applications which cannot be considered end of March will automatically be transferred to the main committee.

- Main Committee 1st June 2017 (application dead line 16/05/2017):
The applications received after the preliminary committee are added to the list. An annual survey allows us to know how many students will leave LFS. Cancelations of applicants accepted by the preliminary committee will also be known. Depending on the demands and on the size of the premises, the Managing Board can decide on the creation of supplementary classes.
The admissions that cannot be confirmed are ranked on a waiting list.

- Complementary committee 25th August 2017 (application dead line le 18/08/2017):
The applications received during the summer are inserted in our lists, based on the date of application.
The committee will offer any seat becoming available during the summer.

From 1st of September onward, any seat becoming available is offered to the wait-listed applicants.


Step 1: for a pre-registration

In order to be considered by an admissions committee, the application has to be submitted at the latest 14 days before the committee meeting.

- Administrative part:

> a copy of the student's passport
> a complete copy of the “Livret de famille” for French families or of the  Birth Certificate
> an Attendance Certificate from the school attended by the pupil. If it is a French private school, the certificate has to indicate that the school is “under association contract (with the French Ministry of Education)”
> a copy of the school reports from the two previous years

All these documents have to add to the registration portal
If you encounter any difficulties while filling in or submitting the application, please send us an email.

Anglais + / Section internationale

Applying to Anglais + / Section Internationale


The registration request is only valid for the entry date mentioned on the form submitted to the Administration.  Any subsequent change would have to be indicated.

- Financial part:

> payment of the first registration fees (see financial aspects of the registration file below) and the school fees advance
> The Invoicing information form must be filled in by whom it may concern and send to Description :

An application form will only be processed after payment of the first registration fees and the on school fees advance.

Paiement des frais d’inscription /
Payment of registration fees

Année scolaire 2016-2017 / Academic year 2016-2017

Mode de paiement / Mode of payment

Frais de première inscription / First registration fees

SGD 5,350
Exception faite des élèves qui reviennent au LFS pour qui le montant des frais d'inscription est de SGD 1,605

Virement bancaire / bank transfer Description :

Chèque en dollar singapourien /
in singaporean dollar

Avance sur frais d’écolage /School fees advance

SGD 5,000

Step 2:  Once the committee has met, its decision is conveyed to families by e-mail.

Step 3:  Finalizing the registration with the school, once the application has been confirmed

The originals of the documents are to be provided to the person in charge of your file

Documents for all levels:
> Student Contract and Advisory Note - available soon
> the Health Form: including the medical certificate if needed (health problems/exemption from physical activity ) and a copy of the Immunization Record or equivalent.
> the complete school file if provided by the previous school,
> Certificat de radiation (Exeat) from the previous school

Supplementary documents for Secondary school:

> the 3rd term dialogue form for entry into 5ème, 3ème, 2de and 1ère
> the French Baccalaureate evaluation report book for a registration in Terminale, or only page 1 for a registration in Première (if these documents are in your possession.  If not, they will be sent to us directly by the previous school.)
> grades obtained for the preliminary tests for the High School diploma at the end of 1ere (for registration in Terminale)
> an index card of the "Brevet des Colleges" (for registration in 3eme)
> specific index card - Choices for "Collège" or "Lycée"

Step 4:  Cancellation of registration         

In case of cancellation of registration, cancellation fees will be deducted before the refund of the registration fees (Please see the table below). In any case, the School Fees advance amount will be entirely refunded.

For any cancellation, please fill in the Cancellation form Description : and send it to

Refund policy for First time registration fees

Cancellation fees

(GST included)

Cancellation of registration (Before confirmation of a seat by the Registrations Department)

SGD 1,070

Withdrawal from waiting list

No cancellation fees

Early desistance  (After confirmation of a seat and :
- before July 1st for a starting date in September
- more than a month before the expected starting date for a starting date later in the Academic year)

SGD 1,070

Late desistance  (After confirmation of a seat and :
- after July 1st for a starting date in September
- less than a month before the expected starting date for a starting date later in the Academic year)

100% of First time registration fees



A student who wishes to enroll in our school should comply with the Singaporean regulations. A tourist visa will not entitle the child to attend classes.
The Enrolment officer would be happy to assist you if necessary. 



School transport is offered by the "Woodlands Transport" who provide transport according to the student's place of residence. This service is paid by the student's parents.

You can find all information regarding transport by clicking HERE.



The “Option de Fondateur “(“ODF”) is a financial contribution to the LFS and to the financing of extension projects that entitles a corporate member to the following benefits:
- Participation in LFS management
- Priority for registration
- Exemption of initial school deposit / school fees advance
- Exemption of annual registration fees
and this for the duration of the ODF
ODF are allocated to student (1 ODF per student)

There are 2 different types of ODF, depending on duration:
- a 5-year duration ODF costing SGD 32,000 (excl GST)
- a 10-year duration ODF costing SGD 53,000 (excl GST)

For more information, please consult the Financial Registration of LFS or contact:
- The representative of the Finance,Corporate& Fundraising Committee :
- the LFS Finance Director :



The LFS holds/maintains 2 insurance policies and asks the family to be covered for:

    This policy covers any damage caused to a third party, including students, in the event of physical  injury and/or material where the responsibility of the LFS is engaged.  It does not, in any manner, substitute the personal liability policy of the parents, which we highly encourage the Head of the family to subscribe to, in instances where the responsibility of the LFS would not be engaged (for example, a collision between two students during a scuffle would not be covered unless the LFS is clearly identified in the incident). It is generally a part of the multi-risk homeowner’s policy.

    This insurance covers, among others, some medical expenses following an accident suffered by the child at school or elsewhere. In any event, the maximum coverage of medical fees corresponds to 25,000 SGD. This insurance is offered by the school and is not an obligation.  It complements the medical insurance taken by the family.

The LFS requests that parents ensure that they are covered, for their own personal responsibility for the following:

This policy covers all damage caused by the child to a third-party or to property.  This would apply both to incidents at the school and in daily life.

This insurance covers medical expenses, not necessarily following an accident, suffered by the child at school or elsewhere. This is sometimes included in the parents' work insurance policy.



The The Re-enrollment process only concern the actual LFS students. For former students who will be back in the LFS, you have to follow the registration process.

During the second term, the LFS parents will be contact to know if their children will stay in the LFS the next academic year. During the third term, the re-enrollment file will be send by email.

For any inquiry regarding the re-enrollment, you can contact Isabelle HADDAR by email: or by phone: 6805 0014.


In case of departure please follow the procedures below :
1- You must inform the school at least 1 month berfore the departure via Eduka portal

2- Return all books / school books / documents to the school library at least 1 week before your departure.

Please find here a tutorial video to help you with this new module

IMPORTANT: The leaving certificate and the school file will be given to the parents on last day at school by the Admission department.
The leaving certificate will be delivered only after the school books have been returned and that your financial situation is in order.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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