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The International Section aims to offer students the opportunity to become not only bilingual but also bicultural. In addition to the traditional French curriculum, students also receive English language, literature and history-geography training. The International Section classes are generally taught bynative English speaking teachers or Anglophone trained – who are given the freedom and responsibility to teach literature, language and history to the British national standards. The SI follows the students from Sixième through Terminale.


Principles of the International Section in Secondary School


- Provide a framework for students to learn English at a high level.
- Ensure that students benefit from a British educational culture in parallel with French academic requirements.
- Prepare students for the International Baccalaureate Option (OIB).
 - Attest to a student’s language and cultural skills in order to enter university in France or abroad.


International Section Exams


At the end of troisieme, students sit the International Option of the DNB in English and History.

At the end of the seconde, students in International Section sit the British IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education (International " O Levels") in English language, English literature and history and geography. This British certificate gives an equivalent level to that of British pupils of the same age.

In premiere, International Section students begin two-year preparation for the International Option of the French Baccalaureate, or OIB (not to be confused with the IB) which they will sit at the end of terminale. This diploma, run jointly by the French Government and Cambridge Assessment and designed specifically for our bicultural students and has attracted very favourable notices from Anglophone universities since its introduction in 1985. It is open to students in series S, ES and L. For more information on the OIB, consult:


From the Students: What I like about the International Section is the…


small classes that encourage participation, discussion and attention to each student.
discovery of the British teaching style and method.
learning to manage my time and workload.
taste for Anglophone universities.
engagement and availability of the teachers.
exposure to Anglo-Saxon culture (literature, media, theater)


2015 OIB Results


We are pleased to announce that 100% of our students have succeeded the OIB baccalaureat with honors. 60% earned summa cum laude (mention très bien).


University Entrance


The International Section gives students the skills, motivation and work habits, which are an excellent preparation for university and the increasingly globalised professional world which follows. Traditionally, our International Section go on to study at the world’s most renowned institutions of higher education, including selective Anglophone universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, McGill, University of Montreal, or the American Ivy Leagues. It is important to note, however, that those who choose an Anglophone university do not close the doors to the French university system because many choose to return to France thereafter, often attending grandes écoles.
While the International Section is an additional option for quality education, other opportunities are offered to LFS students, such as the European Section, which also prepares students for academic success.

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