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From Bukit Tinggi ... to Ang Mo Kio

In 1967, a small French school managed by an association of parents was created in Singapore. In 1980, a number of French companies donated a total of 3 million Singaporean dollars towards the founding of a French school of renown.

The first Executive Committee was elected when the new school opened in Bukit Tinggi in September 1984. In 1993, it became obvious that the Bukit Tinggi school premises could no longer satisfy the needs of the French community effectively. As a new project was being developed, a local school building was rented on Thomson road to temporarily accommodate the primary school.

In May 1999, the school moved to its current site on Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, an attractive 2.4 hectare campus designed to accommodate 1,000 students. The school complex now houses the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools.

Since its opening the LFS has progressively reached its maximal capacity and it has become indispensable to find a solution to welcome the new students. The Kindergarten and a part of the Primary (CP/CE1) have been moved to the former Serangoon Garden South School close to the LFS, in order to build a new block in place of the old Kindergarten and get 26 additional classrooms.

Like all French schools, supervised by the section of the French Foreign Ministry responsible for French education abroad (AEFE ), the French School's mission is to provide students with the every opportunity for academic success and to prepare them for social and professional integration matching their expectations and skills.

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