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The LFS is run by three committees:

The Executive Committee: chaired by the President, administers the affairs of the school (excluding purely educational aspects)
and is responsible for the management and long term strategy of the school.

The Educational Committee: chaired by the Principal (“Proviseur”), is in charge of the educational aspects as well as questions
pertaining to the managing of the life of the School with no financial impact.

The Management Committee: is responsible for conducting the School in accordance with the Education Act, with the co-operation of the Principal and in consultation with the Executive Committee and Educational Committee, and in all respects to the satisfaction of the Director of Education.


- Honorary President : Ambassador of France to Singapore
- 6 Corporate Members, including the President + 1 Reserve Member
- 6 Individuals Members + 1 Reserve Member
- Councellor for Culture, Science and Education (COCAC)
- Principal
- Executif Director



- Supervisor
- President
- Treasurer
- Principal
- Councellor for Culture, Science and Education (COCAC)
- Executive Director



- Educational management (Principal, Vice-Principals, Directors of Primary School and Educational Councellor)
- Councellor for Culture, Science and Education (COCAC)
- Executive Director
- Teachers' representatives
- Parents' representatives
- Students' representatives
- Administration representatives

Members with no voting rights:

- French Vice-Consul
- Representatives of the French Nationals abroad
- Vice President of the student Committee
- 2 representatives of Executive Commitee
- Representatives of the French Community
- President of the Association(s) of French in Singapore
- 1 alumni
- Regional Coordonnator of AEFE


For further information concerning the organization, please contact us :

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