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The French school of Singapore belongs to a dynamic network of french educational establisment in foreign countries, supported by AEFE (Agency for French Education abroad).

LFS is a private school complying with Singaporean law and recognized by the French Ministry of Education.

Therefore, the academic decisions of the French School are valid for the admission of students to any public or private educational establisments under contract in France or in any other countries.

This recognition allows the students to pursue their studies in perfect accordance with the French education system at 12,000 km away from France.

Beyond the demand of academic achievment, the French school favours the self-fulfillment of its students through a broad range of extra curricular activities such as sports, technology and culture, organised on the 54,000 square meter campus that was opened in May 1999.

Equipped with modern facilities, the French school offers the best assets to its students for building their future.

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