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1) School Buses

LFS (Lycee Francais de Singapour) is a private company dedicated to education and does not intend to provide transportation services. However, LFS facilitates access to transportation services for its students through its contracted Transport Provider. The Transport Provider is selected after going through a tender process and based upon criteria defined with the Parents Committee.

The Transport Provider selected for the current academic year is Woodlands Transport Service Pte Ltd (WT). This year’s fleet consists of more than 100 buses of different sizes depending on the number of students. WT provides a bus service to all areas of Singapore.

Every year, the School publishes a School Bus Handbook outlining practical information, rules and regulations. Please click on the link below to view this Handbook (see “Useful information”).

Thank you to the families who answered the online questionnaire. Click here to view the results.
Note: You can find the actions, answers or clarifications further to the questions and comments on the second page.

Registrations 2016/2017
For all new registrations with Woodlands Transport, please click here to proceed to the online registration of your child/children. A step-by-step guide is available in Useful Information (see below: Step-by-step guide for online registration).

Important : 
- Two weeks' notice is required before service commencement.
- All services provided are subject to change during the school year, if the need arises. Parents will be notified accordingly.

For any question about the online registration, please contact the Transport Office at (65) 6805 0053 or 6805 0057.





Cameras in the bus
In order to improve the safety, discipline and respect of rules in the buses, Woodlands Transport started the implementation of a monitoring system by camera in the buses.
The conservation of the records can not exceed 2 weeks, except particular cases (like disciplinary procedure for example), and the images are only used for safety and discipline purpose, in conformity with the PDPA. The records are for exclusive use of Woodlands Transport and the school management. Thank you to kindly talk to your children and remind them of the rules of good behavior in the bus, as well as the necessity of respecting the bus crew and their fellow students. All the rules of the bus are detailed in page 10 of the School Bus Handbook 2016-2017 (see in the Useful information below).The school, in coordination with Woodlands Transport, is taking the necessary steps to assure the respect of the bus rules and of the safety instructions.

Shuttle service at 5:15pm for 2016-2017 (for 4ème, 3ème and high school): 
The bus service of 5:15pm covers a list of pre-defined drop-off points. 
You can see the list of stops in Useful Information (see below: Shuttle Request Form 2016 - 2017).
Parents who are interested will have to register their child/children for return journey and to complete the “Shuttle Request Form 2016-2017” and hand or send a soft copy to Woodlands Transport as soon as possible(

College or high school students finishing school regularly (every week) before the official dismissal time can benefit from a seat in earlier buses provided they got authorization beforehand by the Transport Manager. This additional service, only possible if there are seats available, is organized a few weeks after the 1st day of school and a communication is sent to the parents before the 1st day of service.
Attention :  
The cancellation of a course when a teacher is missing or for any other exceptional reason does not allow the students to take an early bus on a day other than the authorized day(s). The seats in the buses of 3:35pm or 12:25pm for college and high school students and in the buses of 4:15pm for 4ème, 3ème and high school students are not guaranteed for all the students and even once granted, they can be changed during the year, depending on new arrivals or moves of younger students who still have priority in these buses.

For information on school buses or to sign up for this service, please contact:
Alice Lim, WT
Phone: (65) 6805 0053
LFS Transport Office
Sylvie Castellan
, LFS Transport Manager
Phone: (65) 6805 0052
LFS Transport Office

Useful information:
Transport Fares 2016-2017:
Step-by-step guide for online registration :
Shuttle Request Form 2016-2017 :
School Bus Handbook 2016-2017:

2) Public Transport

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