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Dance Week
(From 6 to 10 February 2017)


It was a beautiful dance week that ended with Stravinsky's “The Rite of Spring", performed by a masculine duo, combining strength and lightness in a universe where the past becomes present and the sacred becomes primitive.
A week of training for our ASS dancers who, with 2 hours of practice each day, worked tirelessly on the wise advice of Mostapha and Chakib, professional dancers of the Ô Hazart company based in Toulouse.
Our young students presented us a beautiful creation in preview of the show of the company, allowing us to appreciate their talent as well as the richness of the work they accomplished during the training.
This dance week also offered the opportunity for all LFS students to dance during the Flashmob organized in the school yard during lunch break... a moment of strong sharing on the music of Pharrell Williams, "Freedom", which brought together a large part of the LFS community around a festive moment, giving everyone the opportunity to express themselves with a few dance steps, with good humour and smiles.
Thank you Mr. Pujol for collaborating with us to realize this beautiful project and for trusting us.
Thanks to the LFS for supporting us and making these projects come true.
Thanks to the parents who have allowed their children to experience this adventure.
Thanks to all those who helped us, Felix, Hélène, Marie, Martin, Florent...... and thanks to all those who applauded us!
Frédérique Sorange

© LFS 2017
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