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Lycée Français de Singapour – Tanglin Trust School
2 Day-Exchange Programme – Friday 13th and 20th January 2017


To enhance the cultural and linguistic aspects of learning English, the LFS has had the pleasure of offering its 13th ‘British Experience’ to 27 6e students this January.
Day 1 of this exchange aimed at making it possible for our students to meet a British child of the same age and spend the day at their school – Tanglin Trust School – in their company, as well as share the evening with their families.
Day 2 of our exchange aimed at hosting the students from Tanglin to our Lycée Français, where they had the chance to practice their French and participate to the various lessons. They even had the chance to taste our wonderful “Galette des Rois” for lunch! The TTS students then spent the rest of the afternoon at their partners’ place and shared a nice French family dinner to further their ‘French Experience’.

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