Issues of the 13th SIMUN, 16th to 18th March 2017

Security Council
The situation in Syria and Iraq
The question of further sanctions on the DPRK over its nuclear tests
Measures to achieve stability in Libya
The question of the South China Sea

Measures to guarantee the respect and integrity of religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East
Measures to encourage reconciliation in Yemen
The question of a coordinated international response to the problem of the radicalisation of young people by terrorist groups
The question of ‘cybersecurity’

Measures to regulate international trade in ways which are fairer to LECDs
Measures to promote transparency and accountability in public institutions
The question of the responsibility of all member states to welcome and integrate refugees and economic migrants

Measures to encourage member states to phase out dependency on non-renewable energies
Measures to combat the illegal trade in ivory and endangered species throughout the world
Measures to control the use of ‘fracking’
Measure to increase member states’ responsibility for reducing levels of air pollution

Measures to ensure that all women have access to equal educational and employment opportunities and birth control
Measures to ensure that sacred sites of indigenous peoples are protected from commercial exploitation
Measures to encourage member states to respect LGBTQ rights
The question of the recognition of Kurdish rights in the Middle-East

The reform of the Security Council:
1. Membership extension 2. Veto power 3. Working methods


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