Newsletter n°58 - November 2016
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14 - 18 November: Week of bullying prevention
Thursday, 1 December: World AIDS day
Until 2 December: Number race, CM2 to 3ème
Monday, 14 November: School council
Tuesday, 15 November: Secondary school council
Thursday, 17 November: General Meeting
Wednesday, 23 November: “Fête de l’école” meeting at 9am, room K207
Saturday, 26 November: Aquathlon (Registration)
Tuesday, 29 November: Educational Committee
Until 2 December: “Fête de l’école” logo contest (theme: Circus)
Thursday, 15 December: Secondary Christmas concert
Until 12 January: Singapore International Schools Art Exhibition

2016-2017 Calendars and schedules
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2016-2017 Schedules
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CDI (Library)

Until 18 November: Talent Show 2017 Registration
24 November – 6 December: Talent Show 2017 Auditions
14 – 25 November: Donations of books, toys, DVDs for the Book Drive (Bourse aux livres)
7 – 9 December: Christmas market at AMK 2900
13 – 15 December: Christmas market at AMK 3000
Tuesday, 6 December: HG meeting at 8:45am in room K207

Here are all the dates for the orientation meetings
Wednesday, 16 November: EDHEC Business School
Monday, 28 November: ESCP (corriger version française) Europe

Registration via LFS website

Information leaflet

Tuesday, 29 November: Speeches by the Narcotic Bureau to the 2nde students
Until 21 December: Speech on the notion of modesty in CE2
Thursday, 1 December:
- World AIDS day (everyone in red and/or white outfit)
- Speech by M. Connel, presentation of the Patient Care Centre to 3ème students
- Sale of bracelets, magnets and polaroid pictures to support the Patient Care Centre


Remembrance Day, 11 November
Show by the Terrassa troupe
Deepavali show in Kindergarten
LFS cross-country race

Current Events
Kindergarten Primary School Secondary School

Thursday 10 November: School council
14 - 18 November: Visit by Orianne Lallemand, author of “Loup”


Monday 14 November: CE1A and B school trip to the Science Centre
Wednesday 16 November: CE1I and J school trip to the Science Centre
Monday 21 November: CE1G and H school trip to the Science Centre
Wednesday 23 November: CE1K and L school trip to the Science Centre
Monday 28 November: CM2 A, B, E and H school trip to URA
Tuesday 29 November: CM2 F, G, I and J school trip to URA

Tuesday 22 November:
- "Mad Maths" show at the Lycée
- 4èmes G and H school trip to "Journey to Infinity: Escher's World of Wonder" exhibition
22 - 25 November: THIMUN Singapore at Hwa Chong Institution
23 - 24 November: MOELC students’ visit
23 - 27 November: AS Badminton school trip to Jakarta

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