French School
of Singapore

Extra-Curricular Activities

After class...

After class...

The School offers many activities outside school hours that are supervised by professionals.
  • High quality workshops that supplement the activities carried out in mandatory courses
  • Content reviewed and approved every year by the educational leadership.
  • Participating in friendly competitions or meetings and projects of AEFE Asia-Pacific zone.

The ECA (Extra-Curricular Activities) supplement the lessons taught in class and allow students to learn through sports, arts and culture, while developing team spirit. More than sixty activities are available at the Lycée, supervised by qualified coaches, in French and in English. They are for students from Moyenne Section to CM2 (sports, arts and culture) and for Middle and High school students (arts and culture only). 

The ASS (Sports Activities in Secondary) have the dual goal of organising and developing the practice of sports related activities and to foster a sense of community life among the students, with inter-school competitions at the heart of these activities. Activities are supervised by staff from the Lycée Français de Singapour (mostly PE teachers) and with the help of specialised external instructors. They are dedicated to Middle and High school students.