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Nature workshop

Nature Workshop

Nature Workshop

The nature workshop was created in September 2016 under the direction of Mrs Marcel and Mr Tricot, biologie teachers at LFS. It was born from a desire to work around projects combining natural sciences, sustainable development and student well-being. The challenge being to reconcile ever-increasing urbanization with the need to respect the environment without forgetting the development of sustainable solutions to human needs.

The objectives of the workshop are articulated around three axes:

- Axis 1: Integrate nature into architecture, improve the living environment.

- Axis 2: Put in place sustainable teaching tools to serve students.

- Axis 3: Raise awareness of the naturalistic approach and develop practical learning for sustainable development.

This project is currently divided into 3 modules:

- A garden on the roof

- A green wall

- An ecological basin

We put forward the action of the students in this project, the objective being to make them work in teams. The students are actors of the project, the teachers supervise and  advise the operations, the partner company Greenology advises and plays the role of expert in its field.

We invite you to follow the evolution of this project by consulting our website.