French School
of Singapore

After primary school classes

After primary school classes

Many diverse activities, offered to students of the School, out of school hours and supervised by professionals.
  • quality workshops, complementing activities which take place in the setting of compulsory classes
  • contents reviewed and approved annually by the educational management

Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) :

complete classroom teaching and allow students to access education through sports, arts and culture, all whilst developing their team spirit.  ECAs offer, in the midst of the School, around 60 activities supervised by established coaches, in French and in English.

The Educational Workshops are freely offered to students of the LFS.

They comprise of two types:

  • Musical workshops which offer students the possibility of a collective musical training and learning of notions of harmony, polyphonie, different instrumental techniques, through contemporary or old songs of all styles.
  • The MUN workshops based on the Model of the United Nations introduce students to draft resolutions after the model of the United Nations, to speak in public and to discuss current affairs.

Language Enrichment Programme:

To support our multilingual students, we offer language workshops aimed at strengthening the mastery of the languages to which they are exposed.

For a duration of 1h15 to 1h30 depending on the age of the child, these are conducted by native teachers. The rate is the same as for Extracurricular Activities (ECAs).