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The CDI (Information and Documentation Centre)

The CDI (Information and Documentation Centre)

The CDI is open to Middle and High School students from 7:50am to 5:05pm, from Monday to Friday.
A new space coming soon...

In September 2018 a CCC (Centre of Knowledge and Culture) will open its doors and replace the CDI. In a space twice as big as the current one, it will offer the latest educational technologies and foster learning projects.

It is:

  • A place to study alone or in groups during or outside school hours with a teacher, using the available materials.
  • place to learn how to search for documents and to learn about digital culture.
  • A quiet reading place, to promote modern and children’s literature.
  • A living space conducive of personal development for the students.

The PMB software is the CDI’s database. Students can access it in and outside the School. Computers are at the disposal of the students.


  • Newspapers: many subscriptions for the Middle and High Schools, access to the Europress website
  • Fictions: around 8,000 novels, poems, stories and plays
  • Documentary books: around 6,000
  • Internet web pages: verified and approved by the PMB software
  • Comic books: around 1,500
  • An online encyclopedia: Britannica

We welcome any suggestion of purchase.

Pursuant to the provisions of the school rules, the specific provisions regarding the CDI are as follows:

  • The use of the computers is for educational purpose only
  • The books and library equipment should be handled with care
  • No food or drinks are allowed
  • The use of cellphones is not permitted

Students and teachers are welcomed by Agnès CHUPIN, Sandra SAMINADANE - and Sylvie TCHE, Librarian teacher -

Access to the CDI catalogue