French School
of Singapore


CESC (Health and Citizenship Education Committee)

CESC (Health and Citizenship Education Committee)

This body creates, implements and reviews the health and citizenship educational program of the School.

The CESC is part of the school project and convenes 3 to 4 times a year.


  • To contribute to civic education, (road safety, social networks, etc...)
  • To create an educational program about health (hygiene, diet, sleep, etc...), sexuality and prevention of risk behaviors.
Road Safety School Certificate (ASSR)

The Lycée prepares 7th and 8th graders for this certificate, which is a mandatory pre-requisite for the French driving license.


The CESC is chaired by the Principal and is coordinated by the health service.

It includes:

  • A Year Head (CPE)
  • A Vice Principal
  • The representative of the CVL (Student Council)
  • The Parents Committee
  • The security service
  • The health service
  • The school psychologist
  • Teachers

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