French School
of Singapore

CVC - Council of Junior Secondary School Life

Since the 2017/2018 school year, a Conseil de la Vie Collégienne (CVC, Council of Junior Secondary School Life) must be set up in every schools.

This is a commission which objective is to make all students get involved in their school institution, by allowing them to set up projects throughout the year that come directly from their own ideas. The CVC will be a place of dialogue between the Junior Secondary School students and the adults, in order to establish quality exchanges. This consultative body contributes to the active education of citizens and the establishment of a stronger sense of belonging.
I would like to thank all the candidates of this first edition and I send my congratulations to this year’s 10 elected representatives:

Yanick Tavernier 4GAmaury Lhoste 4G
Juliette Abou-Haidar 3GPauline Chupin 3G
Nahia Chaille 3ACastille Le Chatelier 4G
Hugo Ferlet 3EAdrien Bouat 3E
Hector Husson 4DNina Torreguitart 4C
Aurore Bouillier 3BMia Chambat 3B
Arthur Paineau 5DRose Aubry 5D
Bianca Poquet 6JElla Jubin 6A
Louis Domart 3GArthur Picard 3G
Constance Seewald 4BVictoria Viatteau 4B