French School
of Singapore

CVL - Student Council

Dialogue, exchange, debate

Dialogue, exchange, debate

The CVL (Student Council) is composed of ten elected students, half of whom are replaced every year and representatives from the staff and the parents. Together they make proposals about all topics regarding their daily life in school.

Exchanging to improve the students' well being at school

School guidance, school rules, academic support, health, sports activities, cafeteria…: the CVL is the venue where all the tangible questions regarding life in the school are debated.

Goal: to better take into consideration the expectations of the students and improve their well being at school.

The CVL is a privileged venue to exchange with and be listened to by adults from the educational community. The elected representatives can freely express their ideas: they relay the expectations and concerns of all the students.

Participating in decisions

The CVL also stands as a driving force for proposals. Student representatives can give opinions, propose adjustments and suggest solutions. The minutes of the CVL are then transmitted to the Educational Committee. Through their elected representatives, students are involved in the decision-making process of the School.

The team - members of the CVL

  • 10 students elected for two years by all the students of the School, half of whom are replaced every year.
  • 8 teachers, educational staff (Year Heads, Assistants Heads of Year), administrative, social and health staff.
  • 2 parents' representatives.

The CVL is chaired by the Principal assisted by the Vice Principal

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