French School
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Humanitarian Group

A Lycée for hope

A Lycée for hope

In cooperation with teachers, the Humanitarian Group aims at raising awareness amongst the students about the difficulties faced by other children in the region, and to make them understand that they can help improve their lives in a simple and fun way.

Every year, volunteer parents and the staff facilitate educational projects in partnership with local children support organisations.

For which organisations ?

The Humanitarian Group focuses and follows up on long term, durable projects. Many organisations receive financial support:

The projects of the Humanitarian Group 

  • Class projects
  • Book fairs
  • WALKATHON : a great sporting event held every year
  • Talent Show

Join the Humanitarian Group :

Information on book fairs during the school year:

EventsCollection dates
Christmas MarketMonday 14th November until Friday 25th NovemberWednesday 7th December  until Thursday 15th December
WalkathonMonday 20th March until 31st March Saturday 8th April until Tuesday 11th April
School CelebrationMonday 15th May until Friday 26th MaySaturday 3rd June until Wednesday 7th June