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Welcome to non French-speakers

Making French education accessible to all !

Making French education accessible to all !

French Passerelle is a dedicated program designed to welcoming non French-speaking children throughout the curriculum at Lycée Français de Singapour

"Education is all about building bridges" (R. Ellison)

French Passerelle offers an easy, adapted and modular access to French education to all families in Singapore
  • Personalized support for the child’s progress throughout his or her time with the school
  • Buddy system to help the child with his or her social integration in the school
  • Family integration through regular face-to-face meetings and outings
  • Clear commitment between the school and the family

A specific curriculum depending on the child’s age

From Kindergarten to Elementary

  • Immersion program in classes with children of French and non-French backgrounds
  • French language lessons for a minimum of 1 hour each day in small groups with a qualified teacher
  • In primary, possibility to have a schedule "à la carte" to address specific needs


We recognize the challenge for older children and have adapted the curriculum accordingly

  • dedicated class of 10 to 12 non-French speaking children led by a dedicated qualified teacher
  • Partnership with Alliance Française de Singapour to help children level up in French: 2 periods of intensive classes and holiday camps during school holidays
  • Immersion in small groups in standard classes
  • Buddy system with French school students: organisation of cultural and sportive events
  • Individual support for a progressive integration over a full year in a standard class

Parent's commitment is key to success

Promotion of French at home through TV, books, lessons at Alliance Française de Singapour, attend regular « meeting the teacher » sessions

Join us now!

For an admission in Kindergarten or Elementary

  • Standard application form: link to « admission »
  • Assessment tests to understand the level of support needed by the student: comprehension questions on a text to read

For an admission in 6e or 5e (grade 6 or 7)

  • Standard application form: link to « admission »
  • French Passerelle application form
  • Admission tests to validate key knowledge in the native language
  • Clear commitment between the school and the family through signature of a formal agreemen

For an admission from 4e onwards (grade 8)

  • Standard application form: link to « admission »
  • B1 level in French
  • French Passerelle application form

Contact us

Please send us your questions or your needs for meetings and/or visits at or call us +65 6805 0013.