French School
of Singapore

The French school system

The schooling of children is organised according to their age-group.

From 3 years of age (sometimes 2) until 6 years of age, a child can be enrolled in a nursery school “école maternelle”. Nursery schools have three levels according to the age of the children. This is the place where children start to learn the basics which will help them to succeed later on at school.

L’école élémentaire” (elementary school) admits children from 6 to 11 years of age. There are five levels: CP (preparatory school), CE1 (primary school 1st year), CE2 (primary school 2nd year), CM1 (intermediate level 1st year) and CM2 (intermediate level 2nd year).

Le collège” (middle school) admits all pupils after primary school. There are four levels: “la 6e” (sixième), “la 5e” (cinquième), “la 4e” (quatrième) and “la 3e” (troisième) which are the first four years of secondary education.
Le lycée” (secondary school) admits pupils who wish to carry on academic, technological or vocational studies after middle school.