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Educational guidance

A project built over many years

A project built over many years

The Lycée Français de Singapour supports the students in making their choices for higher education, whether in France or overseas, thereby helping them to be autonomous and take charge of their future.
The blog of the educational guidance

On the educational guidance blog of the Lycée Français de Singapore  you will find : 

  • news and calendar of events
  • more information about the different competitive admissions at the Lycée Français de Singapour
  • resources for information
  • AGORA: the AEFE platform dedicated to guidance with contributions from present and former students at French schools worldwide (forum and testimonials)

Baccalaureat reform - choice of specialties in Première

Capture bac 2021

Following the orientation meetings, please find below each presentation by speciality (in French) :

Histoire géographie, géopolitique et sciences politiques Humanités, littérature et philosophie

Langues, littératures et cultures étrangères


Physique chimie

Sciences de la vie et de la Terre

Sciences économiques et sociales

Dedicated resources

The educational guidance department revolves around the PRIO: Educational Guidance and Information Resource Personnel. An English speaking teacher is there to provide assistance in the application process for the English speaking universities.

The PRIO, with the Reference Teacher and the pedagogical team assist in:

  • providing information on jobs and training paths.

Events are organised throughout the school year, progressively from 6e to Terminale (Grade 6 to 12). School orientation is part of the subjects and is highlighted throughout the year with school orientation events. All these events are part of the “Parcours Avenir” (Personal Project for the future). 

  • helping the student decide his or her own educational guidance, trust his or her abilities, be realistic about his or her potential, set targets and strategies of discovery, autonomy and self-assessment, with academic success in mind.

Besides, in order to foster the success of the students, the Lycée Français de Singapour offers specific preparation classes to several exams (Sciences Po, Sésame, Geipi, etc.).

Study in France

Parcoursup is the new registration portal for the first year of higher education in France.It will allow candidates to consult the entire training offer concerned by the application.

From 22nd January to 14th March: enrolment on Parcoursup to create a candidate profile and file applications.

14th March: last day for applying (selection of education offers/institutions).

3rd April :
 last day to finalize my candidate file with the elements requested by the institutions and confirm each of my applications. 

Video on the calendar of the Parcoursup procedure : HERE

"Terminales2018/2019" Onisep and the Ministry of National Education and Youth offer an information module for future high school students: http://www.terminales2018-2019... 

Some schools operate outside the Parcoursup and have their own admission procedures (competitive examinations, profile-based admission...). The Lycée Français de Singapour offers specific preparation courses for many competitive examinations (Sciences Po, Sésame, TEAM, Geipi, Puissance Alpha…).

Throughout the year, from the Parcoursup portal, you can:
  • have access to information on training
  • research the training paths that you like

More information on the AEFE website : FAQ.

The documentation centre provides many documents published by ONISEP and has a subscription with CIDJ (Youth and Documentation Information), where students can carry out research (training paths, degrees). Students can also have access to online tools with interest questionnaires that provides guidance in their search and plans.

For more information, contact

Delocalised competitive examinations

Some schools operate outside Parcoursup and have their own admission procedures (competitive examinations, profile-based admission,etc.). 

The school has signed agreements to act as an examination centre for the below written examinations (group of schools). These sessions may be held if enough students register. The school does not register the students for the examination, it is only in charge of organising the written examinations. The students must register on their own on the relevant websites for competitive exams and pay the required fees.

To sit for other examinations, contact the Educational Guidance department ( to study the possibility of organising sessions for written examinations and/or videoconferences.

Study abroad

Many students of the Lycée Français de Singapour carry on their studies in universities outside of France. Two UCAS Advisers (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) are here to help them in the application process for English speaking universities. The UCAS Adviser provides assistance in the application process and in the students’ choice in view of their grades (predicted grades, letters of recommendation, etc).   

For more information, consult the blog dedicated to guidance for English-speaking universities. After reading the contents, contact

In the event of a return to France before the Baccalauréat

The AFFELNET procedure governs the placement of students in public high schools and some private high schools under ministerial agreement, in some public or private agricultural high schools, and sometimes in some CFA. The procedure is mainly for the following students: • 3e (Grade 9) students for a placement in general or technological Seconde (Grade 10), or vocational Seconde and in first year of CAP;  • Seconde (Grade 10) students for the placement in technological Première (Grade 11), sometimes in general Première (depending on the academies). For these students, the request to bridge into vocational Première or those who exceptionally wish to repeat their year, the procedure is done through AFFELNET.


  • A career fair is organised for 4e to Terminale students. 
  • A student fair is organised for Première and Terminale students. 
  • Many evening themed events are organised for studies in science, humanities, literature and arts. 
  • Several universities and schools regularly come to the school: French (ESSEC, EDHEC, universités de technologie, Universités parisiennes, Sciences Po, …), Canadian (UT, Concordia, …) or European. 
  • Every week a school orientation newsletter is sent to all lycée students and their parents to recap the orientation news at LFS. If you wish to have a personal interview or to contact the school orientation: ou

What do our students become?

Thanks to the AGORA platform (Alliance Générations Orientation Réseau AEFE) , our students have access to an experiences' sharing space between high school students and alumni of the AEFE network : a forum, interviews, video testimonials, etc. 

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