French School
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Back to school 2018

Back to school 2018

Back to school 2018

Dear Parents, 

In order to best prepare your children to the start of a new school year, please find below some important information for D-Day.

Back to School Day is Monday, September 3, 2018

Information and details on the organisation of the 2018 school year are available here.

School supplies and textbooks 

Lists of school supplies are available on the « Get ready to start school » page.
Textbooks are provided by the school. From College however, we ask parents to buy the reading books and activity books. The 2018/2019 list is available on the website. You can buy them directly or through the school's supplier, LDE. In the latter case, the Parents' Commission will have them distributed at the beginning of the school year.

Extra-curricular Activities

You will find the list of Primary School and Secondary School extra-curricular activities on the here from July 6th. 

On your EDUKA portal :

· All practical information (planning, regulations) will be available during the 1st week of school.

· Registration will start Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 9am. Access to these activities is only possible after a direct debit has been set up with the finance department - more information:


To enter the establishment, you need a badge which will be given to you the first week. Make sure that your and the authorised people's ID pictures on EDUKA are compliant with the requirements.

All information can be found here.


Uniforms are compulsory for Primary students as well as sports and outfits for Secondary students. All the information to order them are here.

For information, our suppliers will be present at the new parents' meeting on August 25th at the Lycée Français de Singapour between 3pm and 5pm. You can buy uniforms and sportswear there.

School bus transportation

Information on School Bus service can be found here

Reminder Registration deadline: Monday July 23 at 5pm. 

The School Calendar 

It is accessible from here. We wish you all a great summer, and look forward to seeing you again on September 3rd!