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Pacific Asia Swimming Contest

Monday, 9 April 2018
Pacific Asia Swimming Contest
Our 26 swimmers from ASS returned victorious from the Pacific Asia Swimming Contest, which took place in Shanghai from March 29 to April 1.

Thanks to their magnificent performances, our swimmers from Lycée Français de Singapour won the trophy of best delegation of the AEFE Pacific-Asia Contest!!

A reward that is equal to their investment, to their abnegation, sometimes, throughout these months of training and to their brilliant performances.

They did it! The LFS swimming team trained by Jean-Marc Oziol has dethroned the multiple titleholder, Hong-Kong, to the sixth edition of the Asia Pacific Championships in Shanghai, from March 28 to April 1. In total, the 26 LFS swimmers of all ages from CM2 to terminal got ahead of Sydney, Hong-Kong, Shanghai and the eight others team of the zone.

To get to this total of points, the LFS was able to rely on numerous champions and finalists. The record comes to Paul Clément, 1ere S students, who won the 9 races he had sign up for (7 in individual and 2 in relay), bringing down 4 records of the championships. Among those records, we can point out a 26.38 for the 50m butterfly, what class him in the 20th rank of all the French swimmers of his generation.

The second big breadwinner was Inez Miller, 6eme student, who won five gold medals. But others first places were won by Alexia Abou Ghannam, 4eme student, in 400 freestyle and Jack Gonzalez, CM2 student, in 400 freestyle, 50 butterfly and 50 freestyle. Furthermore, numerous others swimmers reached the individual podiums (Karl Abou Ghannam, Clémence Chomienne, Camille Chupin, Louis Decotte, Aron Galambos, Tim Grimont and Lola Oziol). Others also brought back points thanks to their places in the individual finals and/or in the six first places of the 400 freestyle (Justine Bon, Ryan Boucher, Daphné Boutin, Juliette Chabot, Arthur Chambat, Thomas Chassat, Timothée Clément, Juliette Desaulles, Alexandre Hakime-Phares, Chiara-Lou Parriaud, Julie Pellet, and Layla Zemmouri). Among the young ones, Maxence Blais, Eugénie Van Wersch and Emilie Pellet also made a promising start in the competition.

Some of the races were flown over by the LFS, like the “queen-race”, the 100 freestyle final of 16 +, where the “Musketeers” from Singapore monopolized the four first places (Paul Clément, Tim Grimont, Louis Decotte and Arthur Chambat).

Singapore took the two first places for the 4x50 mixed freestyle 16 + relay, with a victory by Juliette Desaulles, Julie Pellet, Paul Clément and Tim Grimont. For the 4x50 4S 16 +, the relay composed by Paul Clément, Julie Pellet, Louis Decotte et Chiara-Lou Parriaud beat the meeting record by 2.24.91. A third Singaporean victory comes to the 14-15 in the same category, namely Aron Galambos, Thomas Chassat, Alexia Abou Ghannam and Lola Oziol. In total, the relays brought us three gold medals, five silver and three bronze.

Also at the “young” nationals…

Previously, the LFS swim team trained by Jean-Marc Oziol had made fantastic performances in others prestigious competitions in the beginning of 2018.

Firstly, numerous ASS swimmers had been qualified for the National championships of Singapore, the “Liberty Insurance 49th SNAG 2018”.

The LFS young swimmers of – 12 were the first in the 50m pool of OCBC Aquatic Center, from March 9 to 11. Inez Miller again realized the best performance, with many places in the first 10 places of her “12 year” category: 4th for the 50 freestyle with 29.52, 6th for the 50 butterfly with 32.61, 8th for the 100 backstroke with 1.16.80, 4th for the 100 freestyle with 1.06.82, and 7th for the 50 backstroke with 34.98.

Among boys from the same age category, Karl Abou Ghannam also multiplied his performances (22nd for the 50 freestyle with 31.13, 19th for the 50 butterfly with 33.94, 12th for the 100 backstroke with 1.18.92, 10th for the 400 freestyle with 5.14.69, 25th for the 50 breaststroke with 41.10, 16th for the 100 freestyle with 1.07.32 and 15th for the 50 backstroke with 36.90). Timothée Clément also improved his times (14th for the 200 backstroke with 2.56.46, 34th for the 200 freestyle with 2.37.41, 46th for the 100 freestyle with 1.13.79 and 30th for the 50 backstroke with 38.90). Among the youngest, Jake Gonzalez had been qualified over numerous swims (44th for the 50 butterfly with 41.78, 40th for the 200 4S with 3.26.61, 52nd for the 50 backstroke with 44.61). Finally, in the 9 year category, we have to point out Eric Abou Ghannam’s promising times (40th for the 50 freestyle with 40.57 and 35th for the 100 freestyle with 1.32.56).

… at the “adults” nationals…

Several days later, from March 14 to 18, the older ones also made brilliant performances in the same pool. The best symbol came from the boys relay. The 4x100 freestyle relay, composed by the “musketeers” Paul Clément, Tim Grimont, Arthur Chambat (all in “17 years” category) and Louis Decotte (“16” category), finished 11th with 3.53.90, at the 8th “Singaporean” if we exclude the 3 foreign national selections. The 4x100 4S, composed by the same team, made a score of 4.27.22 and took the 14th place of this swim who was won by the Japanese national team.

In individuals, despite the presence of numerous international teams from Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines, Paul Clément was qualified for the national super-final all category in 200 backstroke, where he finished 9th with 2.18.35. He also disputed the A final all category in 50 backstroke (5th with 28.75) and in 100 backstroke (8th with 1.02.96) and the B final in 200 4S ( 5th with 2.19.14).

Other numerous swimmers had been qualified and participated to this very selective competition, like Tim Grimont (97th for the 100 freestyle with 57.58 and 93rd for the 50 freestyle with 26.03 in + 15), Louis Decotte (132nd for the 100 freestyle 59.33), Nicolas Andres (182nd for the 50 freestyle with 28.07), Aron Galambos (58th for the 100 freestyle with 1.03.43 and 52nd for the 50 freestyle with 28.61 13-14 category), Clémence Chomienne (111th for the 50 freestyle with 32.80 13-14 category) and Alexia Abou Ghannam (55th for the 50 freestyle with 30.69 13-14 category). Valentin Van Wersch, was sick and couldn’t participate even if he had also qualified.

… and soon France !!

Valentin Van Wersch will be able to swim at the France UNSS championships with Paul Clément, Louis Decotte, Arthur Chambat, Julie Pellet and Lola Oziol, from May 16 to 18 at Chenove (Côte d’Or). Thanks to its exceptional generation, the Lycée Français de Singapour will participate to this prestigious annual championship, which includes the best establishment from France and foreigner. They will have individual swims, rescue with mannequins and relay swims, and will be accompanied by Nicolas Andres as official. After their victory in Shanghai and their performances at the Singapore Nationals, we don’t know what surprise these outstanding swimmers will reserve us…

Proud of his students, Jean-March Oziol brought his team to the doors of victory. He gave a beautiful energy into his swimmers team and it’s with great emotion that they proudly raised their trophy with the LFS colors!

Congratulations !