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Visit of the author Hélène Kerillis

Monday, 12 March 2018
Visit of the author Hélène Kerillis
Tour of the author Helene Kerilis, as a part of the Azimut Prize

Helene Kerillis, a children's book author, came to meet our CM2 and 6e students. Her historical novel  "Christophe Colomb and the new world" published by Hatier, is a part of the Azimut selection, around the journey and exploration theme.

Being an art lover, Helene Kerillis shares with us her love for pictures with the magic of words she handles perfectly. The students had the chance to discover at the same time an author and a co-editor, creator of a collection. Helene Kerillis has made the students aware that the book no only has an intellectual dimension but is also a manufactured object belonging to the bookstore channel.  

Thank you Helene Kerillis for sharing your passion for words with the students !