French School
of Singapore


Thursday, 12 April 2018
On the 7th of April 2018 the LFS held the second ESMUN conference, welcoming all PMUN students of LFS from CM2 to 6eme. ESMUN is the Elementary School Model United Nations.

It helps students become more aware about actual problems around the world and develop their speaking and debating skills. This year the matter at hand was access to clean and safe water in the world.

Delegates in the amphitheatre for the opening ceremony. Presented by Mrs Jourdan, Lucas Veyres Secretary General of SIMUN, Lucie Stokes Secretary General of ESMUN

and Mr Luquet.

The delegate of Nigeria presenting his opening speech to General Assembly 3

At about 9:30AM the committees began their opening speeches.

Admins standing by for a task to accomplish.

At 10:30AM committees had their short break held on the terrace.

After the short break, back to work.

ESMUN Staff at lunch time.

Guest of honor: Mme Lochu-Louineau Director of the French Institute of Singapore presents to the students and answers a few questions in the committees.

Interview at the second break time with Yiann Branthonne in CM2 who represented Nepal in General Assembly 1. This was his first conference and he believes that richer countries should donate a minimum wage to countries that have a water crisis and use it to cleanse water in the country itself.

Mathys Nissim, representing Nepal in General Assembly 1 also believes that not everyone has access to drinkable water. Mathys also says that he enjoys MUN and is looking forward to doing this again.

Delgates, ESMUN staff, teachers and parents attending the Closing Ceremony.

Chairs of General Assembly 2 giving a speech summarising their committee’s performance.

Two chosen delegates from each Assembly presented speeches about their views of the conference and what they think about MUN as a whole.

Lucie Stokes as Secretary General gave a final speech, saying this year’s ESMUN conference was fruitful and that she wished that all delegates participated more in debates and conferences. She thanked the staff and directors and then officially declared the ESMUN 2018 conference closed.