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Azimut Prize 2018

Tuesday, 12 June 2018
Azimut Prize 2018
For the 11th edition, the Azimut Prize gathered all the classes of CM2 and 6eme of the LFS, that is to say more than 450 students in the amphitheatre 2900!

The students animated with talent the closing ceremony of the 11th edition of the literary prize Azimut 2018 " Adventures, Explorations, Travels ". 

This year the prize for the best book of the selection* was awarded by the readers of the competition to the author Valentine Goby with the book "The great lie of the Pommerol family". 

The class prize for the best readers was awarded to the CM2K and 6ème J classes, 
Well, yes, they devoured the five books selected, congratulations! 

Finally, the 1st book cover competition, open to CM2 and 6ème classes rewarded 10 LFS students. Congratulations to Quentin Royannez, Charline Menager, Augustin Reygrobellet, Victoire Chassaing, Capucine Dasse-Hartaut, Mina Dunand, Camille Lemenager, Arnaud Godet, Hadrien Gervais and Louis Bernard. 

In the Asia Pacific region, the best design was awarded this year to a student at the Lycée français de Seoul. 

Thank you all, and see you next year!

*Azimut 2018 Selection
- Ulysses 15, by Christine Avel
- The great lie of the Pommerol family, by Valentine Goby
- The day I hid a treasure, by Séverine Vidal
- The bonsai man, by Frédéric Bernard and François Roca
- Christopher Columbus and the New World, by Hélène Kerillis