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SAS Rugby: 7's Tournament

Monday, 13 November 2017
SAS Rugby: 7's Tournament
A rugby weekend that put the spotlight on the LFS Rugby teams during the very beautiful Saints 7's tournament!!

The U14s reached the semi-finals of the cup, defeated again by the future winner St. Andrews, who had already won the CSC 7's with great mastery. The defeat is logical for the LFS after a serene performance in the group phase – every player was given an opportunity to go on the field and the team was finally able to put in practice some beautiful launch phases. However, a lot of work and self-denial will be needed to reach the Saints' level.
The U16s and U18s won the tournament after very tight games and great victories!
The same recipe worked for both teams: a very homogeneous standard team with an iron defence, unfailing engagement of all players, the presence of a major player with a decisive role, and kicking at the right time.
An example to follow for our young players.

Congratulations to all!!