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50 years and no wrinkles

Monday, 16 April 2018
50 years and no wrinkles
The story of Mouna Miri, a student of the Press team of the 50 years of the Lycée Français de Singapour...

On Friday 23 March 2018, the Lycée Français de Singapour celebrated its 50th anniversary.

It was with only 15 students that this school opened its doors within the Alliance Française at Scotts Road in 1967.

Here we are, 50 years later; 2800 students gathered on the two Ang Mo Kio campuses to take part in these Jubilee festivities!

On the menu of this beautiful day were moments of gathering and sharing around celebrations, sports, artistic and cultural events....

It was with an impressive human fresco in the shape of 50 and a flash mob with the 1500 children of the primary gathered on the stadium that the day started. The director of the Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger, Mr. Christophe Bouchard accompanied by the Principal Mr. Christian Soulard, the pedagogical directors, the executive director and several members of the board were present in the middle of this crowd of students who paid them tribute by cheerfully applauding them.

Then the different simultaneous events of the day! When the CP classes were participating in the 50-years, 50 trees project by planting trees on the AMK 2900 campus, the students from classes of CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2 were participating in an aquathlon during which 10 swimmers and 10 runners from each class had to pass the relay!

They were then able to discover the exhibition 50 years, 50 photos of the past retracing the evolution of the school and its students, view a film of 50 short movies created by teachers, students and members of the teaching exploration of the Arts of Cinema, in coordination with Mr.Olivier Massis, French teacher and Mr. Martin Courmont, multimedia communication manager. These short films were filmed in the style of the Lumière brothers, in black and white accompanied by playful music. The students, as well as the rest of the school, were also able to admire the photo project "Inside Out", for which 50 portraits of students of all ages were taken and exhibited on the two campuses testifying to the richness of our school.

Around 10:00 am, one of the most exciting student workshops of the day began: the Elementary Web-Radio! The students interviewed two speakers from La Francophonie, Florence Aubenas, Grand Reporter and Sandra Laboucarie, journalist and youth author, live in a jovial and festive atmosphere.

An emotional ceremony

At the same time, about a hundred guests gathered for the commemorative ceremony in the amphitheatre.

Hosted by the Director of Elementary Cycle 2, Ms. Juliette Kudlikowski, the ceremony included French dignitaries from the fields of education and diplomacy, the French Senator abroad, Ms. Jacky Deromedi, and His Excellency Mr. the Ambassador in Singapore Marc Abensour, the former Principal Mr Bernard Pujol and the Deputy Regional Coordinator of the AEFE Asia-Pacific Zone Management Mr Bruno Valery.

 The President of the Executive Council, Mr. Axel Foucault, first took the floor to welcome the guests and introduce the principal of the school, Mr. Christophe Soulard, who highlighted the "excellence, dynamism and community" of the LFS. He also recalled the many events in which the school participates, such as the Singapore International Model United Nations (SIMUN), the Journées de la Presse and la Francophonie and sports competitions. Mr. Soulard also described the establishment as the "pillar of the French community" in Singapore.

Then it was the turn of the high school choir to come on stage accompanied by the choir of Nan Chiau High School, to sing the French anthem of "la Marseillaise" and the Singaporean "Majulah Singapura" before a solemn and attentive audience.

His Excellency Ambassador Marc Abensour took the floor and paid tribute to the Lycée, which he described as one of the best French high schools abroad in the world thanks to its overflowing activity, and especially to its excellent academic results. He thanked the Singaporean staff and officers for their collaboration symbolizing what is done best in these two countries, which according to him share the same values of academic success and recalled the history of the high school, which has only settled since 1999 at Ang Mo Kio 3000. The Ambassador also spoke about the importance of cultural events, days dedicated to literature in the context of developing the Francophonie and the priority to maintain harmonious relations with the local community.

The inauguration ended with the school's 50th anniversary hymn that the school's music workshop, led by Mrs Julie Demange, created for this jubilee. The high school choir was present to accompany this song full of joy and paying homage to this school dear to the students.

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The guests then went to attend a fan dance presented by the CM1 classes. Finally, the morning of the ceremony ended on a nostalgic note and full of good memories with the exhibition 50 years, 50 photos of the past.

A colourful day

The festivities then continued with the high school students. Flash mob very energetic in the colors of France, inauguration of the new green wall by the students of the club nature and their science teachers, in the presence of Mr. Bouchard and our principal Mr. Soulard, sporting challenges for middle school students, ... and a series of concerts for the happiness of all: choirs and elementary and high school groups delighted the public in the large amphitheater.

The "Makan Radio", the secondary school web radio made young and old dance. The students also interviewed live several guests; teachers, members of the MUN workshop, Mr. Bouchard, director of the AEFE, and Mr. Pujol, former principal. Programs hosted by language and social science classes also punctuated this beautiful day.

Finally, a football and touch-rugby tournament pitting high school students against staff members closed the day on a friendly sporting note.

Doors Open for the 50th Anniversary

The festivities ended on Saturday, March 24 around noon after an open house morning during which the LFS students and their parents were able to take the time:

- To marvel, with the 50 years, 50 short films, the exhibition photos, weaving neighborhood, photos that testify to the life that surrounds our school and the exhibition Inside Out.
- To remember, with the 50 years, 50 photos from the past.
- To admire the 50 trees planted to preserve our future, the 50 orchids dressing the entrance of the kindergarten side Hythe Road with their pots decorated by kindergarten students and the green wall.
- To taste and share, a welcome breakfast offered by the establishment.
- To listen to the concerts given by the students of the Choir Découverte, the Elementary Choir, the Elementary Pop Rock Workshop, the Secondary Choir, the High School Music Workshop.
- To support, with the climbing competition that brought together 200 young people around their passion.

And to conclude the festivities with Mr. Soulard, Principal and Mr. Foucault, Executive Director of the Lycée Français de Singapour around a speech.

Thus was celebrated the golden jubilee of a school which, on the zenith of its 50 years, shines more than ever. A jubilee that paid tribute to all the teachers, staff members, parents and especially students of the Lycée Français de Singapour of all times who have made the school what it is today.

50th Anniversary in the spotlight