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An innovative forum

Wednesday, 20 June 2018
An innovative forum
It is the end of the year for the 2nde PFEG (Fundamental Principles of economics and management) students, supervised by Miss Sylvia Delannoy and Sir Guillaume Clément. It was an opportunity to make a throwback on the highlights of this year such as the two editions of the magazine Innov&Co and the organization of the forum of the economy and innovation on Thursday April 26th.

On this occasion many students of each grade went to the school auditorium to hear the conferences scheduled that day. Sir Xavier Pavie, innovation teacher at the Essec Business School, opened the conference by introducing the public to the innovation, followed by two conferences centered on the protection of the innovation in the legal point of vue by Miss Stéphanie Leparmentier (Counsellor for Intellectual Property) then in a practical point of vue by Miss Louise Delcroix (Head of Intellectual Property at Ebay Asia Pacific). Finally, examples of concrete innovations were given during the roundtable of Sirs Kevyn Yong (Dean at the Essec Asia Pacific) and Léo Costes (managing director at Axa) as well as during the conclusion of Miss Carine Lespayandel (executive director of the French Chamber of Commerce of Singapore). Theses presentations were beneficial to students from classes 1éres and Terminales ES to complete the knowledge they acquired during their classes of economic and social sciences.

At the same time many exhibitions on innovation were organized by the students of 2nde PFEG. Drawings from students of CM1, CM2 and 6ème alongside posters made by students from the high school were displayed during many days. This exhibition was visited by classes from CM1 and CM2 while commented by the students from 2nde PFEG. These posters will be exposed permanently at the start of next year in the corridor of the 5th floor of building E.