French School
of Singapore

U13 Asia-Pacific Rugby Tournament

Saturday, 22 April 2017
U13 Asia-Pacific Rugby Tournament
​The Lycée Français de Singapour is the U13 Rugby 7’s champion of Asia, first tournament of the kind in the area organized at the LFS from 18th to 21th april on a beautiful ground preserved for the occasion.

This project is the result of a desire to develop rugby 7 within the network, to better prepare our young players for the future competitions U14, U15 and U16 and to impart a dynamic around this demanding but so rewarding sport for children.
The first day was sunny and warm, with a perfect timing and teams already standing out. Each of Honk Kong 1 and Brussels teams had two beautiful first matches: Hong Kong with an airy and deployed game and Brussels with a more direct strategy and some very nice moves. Shanghai and Phnom Penh 1 teams also did quite well: organization and unity for the first team, and marked individualities for the second team. 

What about Singapore teams? 
Singapore 3 did not respect the established game patterns and “played fetch", certainly with motivation but that was not enough and stinging defeats came one after the other.
Singapore 2’s rugby was stammering and the series of individual mistakes and wrong choices that unfolded unfortunately concealed some magnificent tries. In spite of that, the last match allowed us to reach the semi-finals: finally, I found a motivated team with an excellent state of mind but always annihilated by wrong decisions and cripplingly losing balls. 4 tries that were given and a 31-15 defeat that left a bitter taste in the mouth.
Singapore 1 was far from brilliant during this first day but did "the job" as they say, by not missing the long-awaited match against the transfigured Brussels team which completely lost control in a game without suspense, 33-0.
The second day was rainy at first, the ground heavier and the ball slippery, but that was, above all, a perfect day for Singapore. Singapore 3 provided a very encouraging match and annihilated Ho chi minh, Singapore 2 finally respected the game plans by keeping a remarkable frame of mind and won the Plate, finishing 5th of the tournament. Singapore 1 finally played at its true level with a direct, physical and efficient game and a strong defence. 2 huge victories and a 54-0 score in the finals against Honk Kong, the lucky winner of the semi-finals against a brave Brussels team who logically ended up on the podium.

O point given away, more than 250 points scored. And no team could approach less than 30m from our try line. The numbers speak for themselves. We have, in fine, skated over the tournament.
Congratulations to all the players for their involvement and their good state of mind.
For the LFS and this generation it is a new success after the fantastic victory in 2016 at the Casablanca TREFLE tournament, the French schools’ world cup.
Mindset, cohesion and a more collective play will be the keys to future success.