French School
of Singapore

School Fair

Thursday, 22 June 2017
School Fair
Saturday 3rd of June, the School organised the School Day celebration, a great way to cheer for the end of the school year.

Make room for the party! The School transformed into a real theme park on Saturday 3rd of June. Based on the theme of the circus, many stalls and attractions were offered to the students and their parents: inflatable castle, giant football, rod fishing, as well as crepes stalls, candy floss, ice-cream stalls. Children had so many choices for recreation that they could feel as if they were already on school holidays!

On top of this, the shows organised for the events such as the choir from Elementary that took place in front of a cheering crowd, the famous lion dance full of colours, synchronised dancing, propelled car racing, as well as a Kung Fu demonstration made this Saturday even more magical.

The School would like to thank all the volunteers that helped build a beautiful memory for all, as well as the sponsors that made all this possible. See you next year for another great School Day celebration!