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Ma calculette, c’est ma tête !

Monday, 25 June 2018
Ma calculette, c’est ma tête !
The "Ma calculette, c'est ma tête !" challenge gives the opportunity to students from many LFS classes to measure themselves against other students from French schools in the Asia-Pacific zone, during a mental calculation contest.

This competition is taken very seriously at the LFS! Since September, the students have been practicing daily the use of strategies to calculate better and faster. In January, a weekly test was set up to evaluate their progress; it consisted of a series of 30 operations to be performed in 6 minutes for the CPs and 60 operations to be performed in 8 minutes for the CE2s.
All these efforts paid off: 5 LFS classes won first place in the 2017-2018 "Ma Calculette C'est Ma Tête!" challenge.
-   6eme I class of Valérie Kennel,
-   CE2K class of Françoise Charpenay
-   3 CP classes shared first place in the competition: CPC class of Céline Baril, CPD class of Felicity Jones and CPG class of Annick Canaple.
Mrs Kudlikowski, Head of Lower Primary, came to present their trophy to all these winners who could proudly pose with the cup.
Congratulations to the maths champions!