French School
of Singapore

Walkathon 2018

Saturday, 27 January 2018
Walkathon 2018
This year, on a stadium in the turquoise blue colors of the 2018 T-shirt, 1300 runners, from youngsters to grandparents alike, came to challenge the 16 000 laps record to offer rice bowls to the kids from South-East Asia in need.

And the bet was kept : 17 200 laps were run in a festive and benevolent atmosphere.  

At 4pm the lap of honor started with Mr Soulard and the direction team, followed by our sponsors and the humanitarians associations. Then our young athletic team freshly back from Hong Kong  also continued supporting the kids from Asia. 

The elementary chorale was here to support our runners, the Pertapis kids gave us a wonderful batucada show which gave rhythm to the race! You should have seen the 5e and 4e volunteer students operating stalls, count the laps done, doing cafeteria duty and operating the football stand... 

The parents contributed as well by helping operating on the stands of our 8 associations : Klang Leu, Children Wishing Well, Les Oursins, Krousar Thmey, Couleurs de Chine, Blue Dragon, Roue de Secours, Pertapis. 

The climbing teachers made students climb the climbing walls, the equivalent of stadium laps, to give their support as well. 

Thanks to our sponsor team, our cafeteria was fully furnished and the shop was full of attracting products, between copa, rillette and some hair bands and clips for our little ones, some make-up palettes were sold out!

It was again this year a beautiful day for the humanitarian. A big thank you to all for your support and see you next year for the 19th Walkathon edition.