French School
of Singapore

The week of the French Schools of the World

12 November - 19 November 2017

The week of the French Schools of the World
This year, the first-ever Week of the French Schools of the World will be held from 12 to 19 November, 2017. The week will see events organised by educational institutions around the world – an invitation to discover and celebrate what brings them together.

The Week of the French Schools of the World will open with an exhibition of French books in Beirut on 12 November, 2017, and it will end with the Exhibition of European Education in Paris on 19 November. It will tap into the collective educational network from 137 countries, with 492 institutions comprising 350,000 students.

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The Week will be an occasion for celebrating and intensifying this collective spirit. Several initiatives will throw a light on the dynamism of the French schools of various levels (primary, secondary and high school), and also highlight the direct effect of the educational teams on the success of the students.

A narrative map of the events will outline all that will happen in each institution. Moreover, several online radio programmes will be webcasted, which will be a great opportunity to focus on the specificities of the French teaching.

Below are the various themes that will be covered:

“Science, innovation and digital technology” “The international mobility of students from the network”

“The ‘école maternelle’, a French specificity”

“The sports practice in French institutions abroad”

“The teaching of philosophy, the culture of commitment and citizenship education”

“The artistic and cultural activities” “The inclusive school and welcoming of students with special educational needs”

“The orientation, the discovery of trainings and jobs” “The ex-students of the French Schools of the world”