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Science Week 2018

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Science Week 2018
A project in collaboration with the French School of SHANGHAI and HONG KONG and supported by the AEFE, from 12 to 15 November 2018.


  • Mr VIRGILE VIASNOFF and Mr JEAN-BAPTISTE SIBARITA, Life Sciences researchers.

This is an opportunity for our students, your children to participate in a whole series of events related to the world of Science
On the agenda :

Monday 12 November

Conference cycle for students from sixième to terminale with the participation of Fred from "l’esprit sorcier".

    Conferences on biodiversity, climate, scientific current affairs... for secondary school and in relation to the programmes and scientific issues of tomorrow.

    It is also an opportunity for première and terminale scientific classes, to meet 2 eminent researchers who are specialists of Life Sciences, Mr Virgile Viasnoff and Jean-Baptiste Sibarita;

    Mr Viasnoff, is Research Director at the CNRS and works at the Mechanobiology Institute at NUS (National University of Singapore), he specifically works on the theme of cell adhesion, a key mechanism involved in the development of cancers.

    - Mr Sibarita works at the neuroscience institute, INNS Bordeaux, he is an expert in microscopic imaging and is also an expert in genomics.

    Conference with Fredéric Courant from 7:30pm at the Amphitheatre 2900, FULL

    Tuesday 13 November 

    Science fair from 9am to 3:30pm, it features 18 workshops set up by students of the "Scientific Methods and Practices" option taken by primary school pupils during the high school’s "Science Festival".

    Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 November

    These are workshops / debates between Fred and CM1 and CM2 students on the following themes: 
    - ecosystem and biodiversity of the mangrove
    - the phases of the moon
    - shadows and lights
    - the classification of living things
    - scientific current affairs

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