French School
of Singapore

Dance show of the Rodolphe Viaud company

14 Feb 2019

Dance show of the Rodolphe Viaud company
At 7.00pm in AMK 2900

The French High School of Singapore invites you to come and discover the dance show of the RODOLPHE VIAUD company on Thursday, February 14, 2019.

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 This piece, entitled RE is the latest creation by choreographer Rodolphe Viaud and is part of the educational, artistic and cultural project initiated 4 years ago by Mrs. Sorange, whose objective is to allow the LFS community to discover and share the many worlds of contemporary dance.

Mr. Viaud, a talented dancer and choreographer, began his training in Toulouse and quickly integrated, as a soloist, contemporary, jazz and afro-modern companies throughout the world, such as the James Carles Company, the Alain Gruttadauria Company, the Bruno Vandelli Company and the Cie du Ballet Actuel for 10 years.

He is also involved in the world of "popular" shows and music halls and works for many artists.

 At the same time, he created his own company and very quickly won first prizes as a choreographer in France. In 2000, he was selected by UNESCO to represent France at the European dance meetings in Italy where he won 1st prize. This media opening allows him to develop his work and obtain recognition until he was hired in 2003 by the French Ice Skating Federation as a director, choreographer and artistic jury during the French Ice Ballet Championships.

Rodolphe has also been teaching dance for 20 years, particularly as a teacher and trainer at the Toulouse National Conservatory for 8 years. He is regularly called by the Ministry of Culture to serve as a jury for the state diploma examinations of future dance teachers.

"RE" is a play about the desire to re-taste carefree in a world where, surrounded by temptations and easy luxury, we may have lost the essential. Four individuals live and enjoy their lascivious habits and gradually fall into more or less unhealthy addictions. Their minds disperse with darkness and their bodies appreciate these moments which upset them without noticing their distance from the sensitive.

 Two of them, eager to free themselves from this abundant heaviness, decide that it is time for them to be born again and to feel the fantasy of the pure and this childish naiveté. We are therefore witnessing the encounter of two lives, like two parallel worlds. Those of a life already well nibbled away and seemingly insurmountable will cross the desires of those who seek to discover the rest.  Attachment, flight, opposition, letting go, the bodies and flesh will shock each other this time to try to understand each other, to save each other.