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Feminist Week at LFS: "Si Mona naissait là"

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Feminist Week at LFS:
From 15th to 19th October, 2018

Being and becoming a woman in 2018

From the Weinstein affair in 2017 and the #metoo movement to the rise in violence against women, as well as inequalities between boys and girls in the school yard, the need to make the thoughts presented in The Second Sex of feminist philosopher S. de Beauvoir is still - and maybe even more than ever - very relevant. This is why the LFS has decided to rally on the week of 15 to 19 October 2018 around the theme of feminism and the place of women, from a young age, in our society.
As part of this feminist week, Céline Schoettel-Mathieu, Professor of Modern Literature at the LFS welcomes Claire Duchêne (singer-songwriter) and Angèle Peyrade (director), two young French artists engaged in and involved with young audiences, to bring students to reflect on the social stereotypes, the inequalities between men and women and to bring about progress in awareness. To achieve the above, the two artists will take part in many educational workshops for high school classes as well as 4e and 3e and also primary classes. There will also be three performances of their show "Si Mona naissait là", inspired by the Second Sex of S. de Beauvoir.

Show "Si Mona naissait là"

What is to be and to become a woman in 2018? What makes me a woman? What doors open before me, what are the barriers that one and also myself put in front of me?
So many questions that a teenager who feels like a woman asks herself, questions that society asks to every woman, even today, every day ... So many questions that Mona asks herself, as a child, a teenager and then as a young adult.
Written based on the Second Sex, this one person show decomposes, transposes, recomposes Simone de Beauvoir’s thoughts through different experiences lived by this woman in the making.

A performance will take place on Thursday 18 October from 7:30 to 8:30, which will be open to the community and the friends of the French School.
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