French School
of Singapore

The week of the French Schools of the world Edition 2018

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The week of the French Schools of the world Edition 2018
From 19th to 24th November 2018

Opening on the world Week Program

"The multilingual kindergarten" from 19th to 24th November

Each class will exhibit its “language garden”, grouping the “flowers of languages” of each of the students, each flower indicating the languages used by the child in particular situations and with particular interlocutors. A festive and artistic way to better know, understand and report on the linguistic richness of our students!

"Photo competition" from 24th September to 24th November

Instagram photo contest illustrating moments in the life of people, school or extracurricular activities, architecture ..., all on the theme "A school opened to the world".

"Anti-Bullying Week" from 19th to 24th November

Awareness of primary and secondary school students on the theme of bullying.

"Aquathlon" on 24th November

Sports competition taking place at the LFS and opened to public and international schools in Singapore. 250 participants from the CM1 to Terminale who will connect a distance in swimming and running.

"Cross country" from 19th to 21th November

Cross country for students from GS to 3ème students, and Elite race for upper high school students.

"Plurilingualism and Cultural Diversity" Show on 22th November

Special issue of the LFS web radio on the theme of our week of French schools in the world.

"Science Week" from 12th to 15th November

Conferences, talks and scientific workshops for our students, in partnership with the French International schools of Hong-Kong and Shanghai:
- 18 science workshops prepared by 2nde students and open to all
- Various conferences including meeting with researchers Virgile Viasnoff and Jean-Baptiste Sibarita
- Public talks with Fred Courant, journalist, host and editor of the famous French Science TV show "C'est pas Sorcier"

"Commemoration of the Armistice of the First World War" 9th and 11th November

Common commemoration of WW1 between 1ère students from both the French and German Schools in Singapore. Thematic workshops, film screenings, various exhibitions and participation of the choir and students of the LFS at the official ceremony of 11th November at the Embassy of France.

"Movie Workshop" on November 16th

LFS screening of the film "Funan" by Denis DO for the French Film Festival of Singapore in partnership with the French Institute; screening followed by a public talk with the French-Cambodian director.

"Les petits chanteurs de Saint-Marc" 23th November

Workshops and concerts of the choir of the Little Singers of St. Mark from France.

"MOELC Exchange" on 20th and 21st  November

Home of Singaporean high school students learning French at the language center of the Ministry of Education of Singapore (MOELC). These students are greeted by their LFS peers and do various activities during the two days.

"Exhibition IN - IN'spired, IN'ternational, IN'volved"

Exhibition at the Australian Embassy of artistic productions of students from international schools in Singapore, including the LFS.