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Performance of the theater workshop

Event to be announced

Performance of the theater workshop
"Du piment dans les yeux", Collidram prize. Until 26th May

Thursday 23rd May and Friday 24th May 2019 at 8.00 pm

Sunday 26th May at 5.00 pm

2900 amphitheatre

Free entrance  

Book your seat : ICI

The performance will be conducted in French.

Why do we have to move, change city, change life?

What are the reasons that lead us to hit the road when we know this very road may be fraught with difficulties?

How is it that we accept to leave everything behind when we are not even sure whether what we will find will be better?

Two teenagers with two different paths so far will attempt this adventure. We follow them through their crossing of Africa, facing the hostility of climate and men. "Think about your feet and walk" because there is nothing more precious to someone who must always go further, elsewhere, beyond.

Simon Grangeat offers us a view on Mohamed and Inaya’s destiny. Their departure, their meeting, and their hope.

Students from the theatre workshop option would like to invite you to representation of their work on this play. This play has just received the Prix de littérature dramatique des collégiens 2019 (Dramatic Literature Prize for Middle School Student 2019), the Collidram prize (this prize is awarded every year by a jury of middle school students, which is a bit like the high school students’ Goncourt Prize for contemporary theatre).

We can’t wait to see you all very soon.