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Forum of the economy and innovation

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Forum of the economy and innovation
The project is an economic Forum that will take place Thursday 26th April 2018 at Lycée Français de Singapour.

It is organized by Seconde students who are attending the teaching of "economic and management fundamentals" and who have to, by being responsible of this event, develop many competences that are linked with elements of the discipline they follow. 

The reason why we have chosen to link the innovation theme to the economy one, it's to be a part of this year innovative theme France-Singapore, in order to vulgarized the notion of innovation among students, and what forms it takes in France, in Singapore, and in the context of economic and scientific cooperation between the two countries. Conferences, round table talks and debates will be organized during the day, some students will be part of the spectators. 

An exhibition of pedagogic panels on innovation will be held up at the school, and animations will be planned for middle school and primary school students. A project "draw innovation !" is also started by the CM1, CM2 and 6e students, the most pertinent drawings will be exposed.