French School
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Your child is currently enrolled in France or in one of the schools of the AEFE network? Your child is enrolled in an international school and you want him to join the French school system? The Lycée Français de Singapour welcomes students of all backgrounds.
Enrolment for academic year 2019/2020 is now open!


  1. Set up of an application on EDUKA, the enrolment portal: you can download all the required supporting documents there. Once your application is submitted, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt by email from our services.
  2. Payment of the enrolment fees: once the application is complete, the finance department will issue the enrolment fees invoice to the identified payer: the parents or a company.
  3. Admission committee: admissions committees are organised every month to review new applications. Only those for which enrolment fees have been received on the date indicated on the invoice will be reviewed.
  4. Confirmation of enrolment: following the admission committee, the placement of your child will be confirmed by email. Additional documents regarding your child’s arrival will be sent to you.
Next admission committees
16 September 2019
15 October 2019
15 November 2019
16 December 2019

Supporting documents

  • School transcripts of the last year and of the current year
  • School certificate
  • Copy of the parents’ passport and of the child who is enroling
  • Full copy of the family booklet or of the birth certificate for non-French families

For children coming from a non-French school system or French school system off ministerial agreement

From 6 years old (entry into CP - Grade 1), students coming from another school system or an off-agreement private French school must undergo an assessment upon their arrival, to make sure that they will not struggle in their age group.

For children who have one Singaporean parent

Singapore law provides that any child old enough to attend school is required to get approval from the MOE (Ministry of Education) to join an international school. The French School will have to obtain the approval from the MOE before confirming the enrolment of the students in question.

Visas - Compulsory for the first day at school

Before any enrolment, the Singapore law requires that the student be in compliance with immigration regulations. Students must have a valid visa: Dependant Pass (DP), Permanent Resident (PR) or Student Pass (SP). A tourist visa does not allow a student to be enrolled. The Enrolment Department is here to answer your questions:

Vaccinations - New since February 2019

Important: With effect from 1st February 2019, children 12 years and under must be vaccinated against diphtheria and measles prior submitting Visa application in Singapore. For further details on the vaccination requirements:

Which class will your child join in academic year 2019/2020?

Year of birth Class (French system) Equivalent (SG system)
TPSPre Nursery
2013CPGrade 1
2012CE1 Grade 2
2011CE2 Grade 3
2010CM1 Grade 4
2009CM2 Grade 5
20086e Grade 6
20075e Grade 7
20064e Grade 8
20053e Grade 9
2004Seconde (2e) Grade 10
2003Première (1e) Grade 11
2002Terminale Grade 12

EDUKA, what is it?

EDUKA is our administrative portal that you will use throughout the school years of your children at the Lycée: Enrolment, updates, (contact details, passports, visas…), access to invoices, ECA, etc… You can do everything through Eduka !

Cancellation of enrolment

For any cancellation, please fill in the cancellation form et send it to

In case of cancellation of registration, cancellation fees will be deducted before the refund of the registration fees (see the table below). In any case, the School Fees Advance amount will be entirely refunded.

Cancellation fees (GST included)
Cancellation of enrolment before confirmation of placement in the Lycée Français de SingapourSGD 1 070,00
Withdrawal from waiting listNo fees
Waiver after placement in the School and:
Before 1st July for a start in September
- More than a month before the scheduled start during the school year
SGD 1 070,00
Waiver after placement in the School and:
After 1st July for a start in September
- Less than a month before the scheduled start during the school year
100% enrolment fees