French School
of Singapore

"ODF" - Options de Fondateur

Support the Lycée as a company

Since the creation of the Lycée Français by an association of parents in 1967, companies are key partners for its development.

By acquiring one or more ODF (Options de Fondateur), a Singapore based company becomes a member of the Corporate College of the Lycée Français de Singapour.

The members of the corporate college participate in the governance of the Lycée by electing corporate representatives of the Executive Committee and by casting a vote during General Meetings (1 ODF = 1 vote).  The ODF are particularly suited for companies that wish to:

  • finance the education of their staff’s children
  • contribute to the development of the school
  • participate in the governance.

For each ODF and for the duration of each ODF, every holder enjoys the following benefits: 

  • Priority for enrolment 
  • Exemption of school fees advance
  • Exemption of yearly enrolment fees

Each ODF is personal and transferable under certain conditions when the child leaves the Lycée Français de Singapour.

The ODF are subscribed for a period of 5 years; they cost 35 000 SGD (+ 7% GST).

The finance department is at your service if you need more information: