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16ème édition de l'échange linguistique et culturel entre le LFS et SAS (école américaine de Singapour)

jeudi, 31 janvier 2019
16ème édition de l'échange linguistique et culturel entre le LFS et SAS (école américaine de Singapour)
Une vingtaine d'élèves issus des classes de 1ère ont eu la chance de participer à un échange avec SAS.

Le mercredi 23 janvier, ils ont passé la journée sur la campus américain et ont assisté aux cours avec leurs correspondants. Ils ont pu découvrir un système éducatif très différent. Voici ce qu'en dit une de nos élèves:

"On January 23rd, about 25 French students had the chance to visit SAS (Singapore American School), located in Woodlands. This exchange allowed us, students of the French system, to discover the American system, and to build friendships with our buddies.

When we arrived, we were surprised by how big the campus was compared to ours. Indeed, the American school has four libraries, 4 or 5 gymnasiums, a fitness room called Apex, a swimming pool, a big two floored theater, tennis courts on the roof, a gift shop, a cafeteria with an authentic Subway inside, a track, a rugby field, a football field, and certainly much more (we sadly didn’t have time to visit the whole campus). SAS takes care of about 4 thousand students!

In addition, students have to wear a special uniform, except on free dress days.

In class, the ‘vibe’ isn’t the same as in the French school. Everyone seems relaxed, teachers are very close to their students, and there doesn’t seem to be much pressure.

The organization of the SAS is typically American, and very different from our way of working. First of all, there aren’t any classes: students are separated in ‘blocks’ of a certain subject they chose to do (one block lasts around an hour and twenty minutes). . They also have access to unusual subjects for us, such as Catalysts, Art and Design, Computer programming/ hacking etc.... (...)

This exchange was very enriching for all French students. This was a unique experience, and if I had the chance to do it again, I would not hesitate a single second". Agathe FRANCOIS 1°SA

Le lundi 28 janvier, nous avons à notre tour, accueilli les élèves américains et leur avons fait découvrir notre établissement et notre système éducatif. Nous espèrons que les élèves donneront suite à ces amitiés naissantes!

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